I was born in Finland. I learned to walk in the USA. I learned to talk in China. I went to school in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I became a registered sick children’s nurse in England. I was a volunteer in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Together with my husband Håkan, we started a Children’s Home in Thailand 1975. That was a dream I had from childhood. We were there to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. The future of the Bethany Home looks good.

I received Elsa Beskow’s grandson Dag’s permission to use this illustration in my blog. He wrote:

“Thanks for the information regarding your request to use Elsa Beskow’s picture and story on your blog. I think it’s moving and beautiful that Elsa’s story inspired you and your husband to what you did for orphans. That’s what Grandma Elsa would have appreciated! We, therefore, give you permission to use the story and with its images in Your Blog without royalty requests from our site. 

We wish you good luck and hope your blog will be read!

Sincerely! Dag Beskow”

Physical illness kept me from continuous traveling but gave me an opportunity to fulfill my other dreams: Writing and Painting.

Here I will share stories from my life, hoping they will inspire you to fulfill the best dreams of your life. You are welcome to share your dreams and their fulfillment or the unexpected changes life brought your way.